Raf Simons X Kvadrat 

Dior Women creative director Raf Simons has collaborated on a collection with Danish textile firm Kvadrat. It’s where fashion meets interiors as his designs bring a vividly textured and sculptural aspect to fabrics in a range of colours. There are eleven sets of designs available in the new collection suitable for a variety of uses. The collaboration has also produced a range of wool and cashmere throws for the home.
Raf Simons Kvadrat Argo 

This ‘Argo’ fabric is woven from mohair fibres that catch light and emphasise its textured curls
  Kvadrat/Raf Simons ‘Sunniva’
‘Sunniva’ blends colour and texture in this patterned fabric. The textile is a mix of wool, linen, viscose, polyamide and polyester

‘Tronic’ throw
The chic ‘Tronic’ throw is a soft blend of cashmere and wool. It weaves together two tones of yarn to create a colour gradation in a variety of colours.

 Tronic Kvadrat / Raf Simonskvadrat raf simons red ‘tronic’ throwGreen ‘Tronic’ throw Kvadrat/Raf Simons
See DesignCurial to read an interview with Raf Simons


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