Petra Blaisse – Inside Outside


Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
This black and white woolen tapestry, designed by textile artist Petra Blaisse, is meant to connect the historic structure of the Museum with its recent addition.

Inside Outiside – Mentality

Inside Outside works through architecture itself. Often for public buildings or spaces, in close collaboration with architects, usually from conceptual design – of the building or the site – through tender, construction and installation. We develop objects that offer solutions to technical demands- solve ‘problems’ like acoustics, light, sun, climate, movement, view- add logical, spatial, visual and sensual effects- both in the landscape field and in interior spaces.

The aesthetic and technical quality of the designs (curtains, floor, ceilings, walls, gardens, parks, landscapes) are closely related to the architectural context and atmosphere- melting into, complementing or challenging the architecture or the architectural environment. Taking care, at the same time, that they service the users in the best possible way.

To achieve this, Inside Outside remains responsive to the general cultural and economic situation of the site- to the client’s position in both a practical and a political sense- to the building or the site’s history and future- the cultural and visual expectation of users, visitors and sponsors- and to the educational and economic expectations of the city, region, or country.

Inside Outside takes its motivation from the combination of needs that are inherent to exterior and interior designs. The soft, absorbent requests of inside spaces are traditionally in direct opposition to the hard, durable requirements of public space. This dichotomy becomes the inspiration which leads us to begin a project, at any scale.


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