This American Life ep. no. 550: Three Miles

 #550: Three Miles

Released16 March 2015

There’s a program that brings together kids from two schools. One school is public and in the country’s poorest congressional district. The other is private and costs $43,000/year. They are three miles apart. The hope is that kids connect, but some of the public school kids just can’t get over the divide. We hear what happens when you get to see the other side and it looks a lot better. (Beeped version)


“Raquel is now more than twice as likely as Jonathan to make it into the middle class, statistically more likely to be employed, to be healthy, to enjoy her daily work, to have a happy marriage. But most poor kids who make it to college do not make it to graduation. In fact, the number is shockingly low. Less than 1/5 finish in six years.

There are swarms of researchers trying to figure out what to do about this right now. Education is the best way to cross class barriers. And in many cases, education seems to be the barrier…”


Audio Episode:


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