Public Library At Ceuta – With ROCKS IN

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 13.23.38Paredes Pedrosa designed the education facility and visitor centre around the fourteenth century Marinid dynasty ruins discovered up a sloping site on the Spanish-owned peninsula, which juts out into the Mediterranean sea from Morocco’s north coast.

The former settlement sits at an angle to the current urban grid, and the external walls are angled to merge both geometries.

Public Library in Ceuta by Paredes Pedrosa

Seven triangular pillars strategically situated among the ruins support the high ceiling over the exposed remains.

Faceted concrete surfaces encompass the lower floors, joining up the edges of recessed windows.

Public Library in Ceuta by Paredes Pedrosa
Photograph by Manuel Garcia de Paredes

Upper storeys are wrapped in a horizontal cladding system of aluminium mesh louvres, which blocks the heat and controls the level of light entering the glazed walls behind.

Entered from the lower street level, the exhibition area is contained in a wing packed with research labs, audiovisual learning tools and facilities for children.

Visitors can look down on the archeology from the terraced upper floors, which house the book collection, study, lecture and event spaces in a mix of single- and double-height rooms.

A shaded reading terrace on the roof provides views out over the sea and across to Europe on a clear day.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 13.24.03


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