38 Beams – Olsen Kundig Architects

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.11.34Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.23.02

Architects Olsen Kundig who are based in Seattle recently used an installation opportunity at Design Miami to create a temporary hub of American Northwestern heritage and culture in the south-eastern city of Miami. The setting is a design fair, at which the installation serves as a collectors lounge with champagne bar at the international event.

The 3b beams (called glulams) were salvaged from another building but originally from northwestern firs, and reused here by OK to bring one place to another place, through material which has its own tired and travelled narrative. Using the glulams provides OK with a precedent to add more depth and story to this particular design, by almost exclusively using other design elements from northwestern designers. This is a very intentional injection of fashion, music and design from NW to the international design market. 

This intentionality aligns cultural heritage with temporary design installation, with the future narrative of the 38 beams already in place as part of another Olsen Kunig project. 


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