Cultural Solutions UK

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An ‘independent arts and cultural organisation’ that assists smaller cultural, arts, community development organisations etc to present their wider intentions by looking/sounding more appealing (communication design) to funders, participants, policy makers or whomever needs to be impressed or effected by the work they are doing.

It’s… “all about our experience and intelligent & creative approach.”

I find the website in itself incredibly appealing. In fact I found it through a web design competition, it is designed by who do some other quite nice websites too. I realise that an organisation that markets itself as offering services to curate, create and deliver a cultural event or programme has to represent its skills in its user-interface.  However. There are a lot of words on the website. It is slightly overwhelming. I think the ‘solutions’ organisation should be unintimidating and approachable. It looks expensive and superior. Frankly it looks like they spent too much time on their own website, possibly meaning they will spend too much time (and money) doing a job for clients. When independent organisations are doing work for cultural/ social development, money is often extremely tight. More later…


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